Our mission is to simplify the purchasing of customised t-shirts and to connect you with high quality, functional apparel. We have a passion for style – and believe style transcends into workwear. Ensuring you are wearing the right type of clothing for your environment and occasion, is a key element to style.

We aim to be the company you can trust, who will put clothing in front of you that will, not only be functional but will make you look good too.

We’re going to achieve that, by raising our brand awareness and making your shopping experience painless and positive. We will suggest items that are functional and of style. So, you’ll come back again and again for an experience you can trust.

T-ShirtCo was founded in 2018 by Adam O’Connor, who wished to connect his local community to high-quality clothing that could be customised online, without any hassle. Today, T-ShirtCo sells not only t-shirts but also workwear, safety wear, hoodies and children’s clothing. By offering a diverse collection of apparel T-ShirtCo aims to be the one and the only place you need to shop.